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Enterprise Software

Sector challenges

Sector challenges

Companies are facing major challenges as innovations evolve. They need to adapt a wide range of activities to the digital era, from working methods to employee experience, recruitment, training, data management/protection and sales efficiency. Digital transformation is now essential to rethink operational practices and secure the company’s future. This sector is developing innovative digital solutions to help companies of all sizes and sectors be more agile and increase team productivity.
Data Structuring & Management
Cyber Security
DevTools & Green IT
Ops & Process Efficiency
HR & Admin
Training & EdTech
Recrutements & rétention
Sales & prospection


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sales growth


increase in recruitment


growth in the Cloud


companies want to train staff to use digital tools

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Quentin Guilluy_Entrepreneur Mentor Digital Transfo

Quentin Guilluy

Olivier Heckmann_Entrepreneur Mentor Digital Transfo

Olivier Heckmann

Dominique Lanfranchi_Entrepreneur Mentor PropTech _ Smart City

Dominique Lanfranchi

Romain Libeau_Entrepreneur Mentor DIgital Transfo

Romain Libeau

Eric Mahé_Entrepreneur Mentor Digital Transfo

Eric Mahé