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BioTech & SmartPharma

Sector challenges

Sector challenges

The Biotech and SmartPharma sectors continue to develop rapidly. They look set to bring major advances in personalized therapies, early diagnosis, predictive medicine and optimizing the drug value chain – and considerable potential for improving human health and solving complex medical problems.

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Amele Seghaier

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Inès Pouradier Duteil

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Yann Barrault - Entrepreneur Mentor BioTech - SMart Pharma

Yann Barrault

Alain Clergeot - Entrepreneur Mentor BioTech - Smart Pharma

Alain Clergeot

Joël Crouzet - Entrepreneur Mentor BioTech - Smart Pharma

Joël Crouzet

Eric Garnier - Entrepreneur Mentor BioTech - Smart Pharma

Eric Garnier

Mirella Laguerre Charpentier - Entrepreneur Mentor BioTech - Smart Pharma

Mirella Laguerre Charpentier