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WILCO supports entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are revolutionizing the healthcare sector. Their projects aim to provide digital and/or deeptech solutions that make life easier for healthcare professionals and enhance patient care. WILCO Healthcare brings together an ecosystem of Entrepreneur mentors, investors and corporate sector experts to support and empower entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Caring for the future and the patients of tomorrow

Although medical discoveries and pharmaceutical treatments remain essential, innovation in healthcare is now much bigger and wider. It encompasses a dizzying array of fields, from telemedicine and bioinformatics to genomics, medical robotics and artificial intelligence. These revolutionary technologies are transforming the way healthcare professionals diagnose and treat disease, as well as how patients manage their own well-being.
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Your contacts at WILCO Healthcare

Your contacts at WILCO Healthcare

Inès Pouradier Duteil - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Inès Pouradier Duteil

Program Manager

Amele Seghaier - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Amele Seghaier

Business Manager

Elise Gaubert - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Elise Gaubert

Business Manager

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