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Local collectivities

With WILCO, set up and run tailored acceleration and immersion programs to help your local area shine.

Acceleration programs

Our teams help local collectivities set up and deploy acceleration programs based on WILCO’s unique KPI-driven approach.

Image - Page Territoires WILCO
Image - Page Territoires WILCO

Immersion for international startups

We welcome international startups looking to join the innovation ecosystem in the Paris region.


Keen to find out more?

Eric Vaysset - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Eric Vaysset


Our clients

Our clients

Will you be at VivaTech ?

Will you be at VivaTech ?

Join us at VivaTech May 22-25.

Discover our acceleration, acculturation and immersion programs for Startups, Mid/Large Corporations and Territories.

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