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WILCO supports entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are digitizing business, commerce and our everyday lives through products based on digital tech like AI, Blockchain, quantum & low code. WILCO Digital brings together an ecosystem of Entrepreneur Mentors, investors and corporate sector experts to support and empower entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Putting innovation at the heart of digital transformation

Digitalization is now crucial for companies and consumers alike, increasing productivity, optimizing business processes and delivering a more personalized, user-friendly experience. Innovative tech like Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data, automation and virtual reality are enabling companies to collect, analyze and use massive amounts of data in real time to make informed decisions and predict future trends.
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Your contacts at WILCO Digital

Your contacts at WILCO Digital

Léa Saffar - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Léa Saffar

Program Manager

Mathilde Roussel - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Mathilde Roussel

Business Manager


Business Manager

Margot Barthe - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Margot Barthe

Business Manager

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