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WILCO supports entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who are revolutionizing the way we produce, eat, live and travel. Their projects use digital, industrial and deeptech solutions to transform our societies, regions, cities and industries in a context of increasingly limited resources, climate crisis and social fragmentation. WILCO Industry brings together an ecosystem of Entrepreneur mentors, investors and corporate sector experts to support and empower entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Harnessing tech trends to drive tomorrow’s industry

Every day, new ideas and advances are accelerating the transformation of our industrial sector. High-tech solutions such as artificial intelligence, advanced automation, 3D printing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and augmented reality are transforming the way products are manufactured. These new technologies are also optimizing how companies interact with customers, manage their resources and make strategic decisions. Industrial companies are rethinking processes, adopting new technologies and shaping a future where industry is synonymous with continuous progress.

Your contacts at WILCO Industry

Your contacts at WILCO Industry

Laurent Ehrhard - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Laurent Ehrhard

Program Manager

Emile Wallon - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Emile Wallon

Business Manager

Guillaume Poultorak - WILCO Libérateurs d'ambitions

Guillaume Poultorak

Business Manager

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