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Industry 4.0 & Transport

Sector challenges

Sector challenges

France is experiencing a fourth industrial revolution with far-reaching social, economic and environmental consequences. Pivoting towards Industry 4.0, companies are adopting new factory models that are greener, more flexible, and enable more efficient, sustainable production. This transformation has been accelerated by powerful innovations in quantum, 3D printing, AI, robotics, IoT, augmented reality and virtual reality. These developments are also impacting the transport sector, as companies look to optimize operations, improve safety and reduce carbon emissions.
Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 & Transport performance in France in 2022


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Guillaume Poultorak

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Entrepreneur Mentors

Entrepreneur Mentors for Industry 4.0 & Transport

Michel Baltz_Entrepreneur Mentor Industry 4.0 _ Transport

Michel Baltz

Olivier Cattez_Entrepreneur Mentor Industry 4.0 _ Transport

Olivier Cattez

Philippe Herbert_Entrepreneur Mentor Industry 4.0 _ Transport

Philippe Herbert

Rosana Melki - Mentor

Rosana Melki

Stéphane Roecker_Entrepreneur Mentor Industry 4.0 _ Transport

Stéphane Roecker