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Unleashing ambition

Empowering entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to disrupt markets, create economic value and make a positive impact on society.
Our CSR commitments

Our CSR commitments

Protecting people and the planet in line with 4 key pillars

Foster employee engagement and development

Explore paths towards more sustainable models

Support inclusion and diversity in tech

Limit our environmental impact

Key dates

Our story

Since launching in 2002


Created on the Plateau de Saclay
Rond - Timeline


Accelerator to help startups to reach their 1st million in revenue
Rond - Timeline


Unleashing ambition
Rond - Timeline
Rond - Timeline
Scientipôle became WILCO


Rond - Timeline
Innovation accelerator for startups, midcaps & corporations


Where can you meet the WILCO team?

Where can you meet the WILCO team?

O10 – 10 rue de Moussy, 75004 Paris

A meeting place for accelerated startups, alumni, corporations, investors and Entrepreneur Mentors. Aim? Foster synergies and connections at exclusive events. By bringing people together, we want to create a melting pot of excellence at the service of innovation and entrepreneurship.
WILCO O10 - 10 rue de Moussy, 75004 Paris
WILCO Le 30 - 30 Avenue Carnot, 91300 MASSY

Le 30 – 30 Avenue Carnot, 91300 MASSY

Since being created, WILCO has been implanted at Paris-Saclay, as part of a world-class technology ecosystem. This prestigious cluster brings together higher education, innovation and research & development, midcaps, corporations and locally launched startups.