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France’s 3rd largest social protection group APICIL sets up an intrapreneurship program with WILCO

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Intrapreneurship enables employees to draw inspiration from methods used by entrepreneurs and develop their professional skills. A great way to put employees at the heart of your company’s transformation.

Intrapreneurs have their say

Guillemets - Bleu

I helped 3 groups of APICIL employees roll out new offers for the APICIL Group and learn about startup concepts and agile innovation methods.

Lea Saffar, WILCO Program Manager – Intrapreneurship Manager

Teams of intrapreneurs with diverse profiles

Intrapreneurs face the challenge of motivating in-house employees across different departments to implement their initiative, while leading a diverse team.

Guillemets - Bleu

“Switching from a process mode, influenced by my management background, to a project mode enabled me to understand the full scope of an intrapreneurship project.”

Benjamin Dachicourt, Medical Account Manager at Sésame France – APICIL Intrapreneur

Boosting intrapreneurs and their projects

For this edition, the 3 teams comprised a team leader, who devoted 50% of their time, and teammates who were able to spend 25% of their working week on the project.


The 3 teams of intrapreneurs benefited from the support of a member of APICIL’s Executive Committee who brought the Group’s strategic vision to the project, and acted as a mentor.


Intrapreneurship enables employees to test themselves and grow, without taking any financial risk, and gain professional experience that is completely different from their day-to-day assignments.

Guillemets - Bleu

“I wasn’t used to working on innovation projects, and the intrapreneurship program provided the opportunity for me to focus on exactly this type of project.”

Caroline Cambier, Savings Project Manager – APICIL Intrapreneur

For employees who take part in this type of program, intrapreneurship can be a real career booster, enabling them to upskill and become more independent.

Guillemets - Bleu

“I felt that I needed to learn new things in addition to my day-to-day job.”

Sonia Hamdi, Technical Project Manager / Medical Unit – APICIL Intrapreneur

Lea Saffar and Eric Texier worked with the intrapreneurs to set up working methods adapted to the profile of employees, who were often tackling an intrapreneurial project for the first time.

Guillemets - Bleu

“It’s a simple, accessible yet comprehensive approach that provides knowledge and understanding of all the stages involved in developing a solution.””

Frédérique Courbière, Project Manager / Innovation & Services Department – APICIL Intrapreneur

Professional and personal benefits

Despite the extra workload and stress, intrapreneurs become more independent and take on more responsibilities. Their role makes them feel valued, and they often find fresh meaning in their new tasks.

Their hard work paid off and they are now ready to embark on the “experimentation” phase during which they will deploy their solution for users in order to validate their development strategy.

Guillemets - Bleu

“I’ve developed my self-confidence, knowledge and, above all, methodology.“

Amandine Garnier, University Training Manager – APICIL Intrapreneur

They also have the opportunity to test the project while minimizing the financial risk taken by the company. Working together on the same project for such a long time strengthens bonds between collaborators.

Guillemets - Bleu

“I like collective intelligence. I’m convinced that when you work with others, you get further.”

Sophie Adobati, HR Development Manager – APICIL Intrapreneur

The intrapreneurship program is a unique opportunity to unleash creative potential, actively contribute to innovation within the company, and shape the future of an organization.

Would you like to develop your employees’ skills by putting them at the heart of your company transformation? Contact us to find out more.